ISOL-ONE is made of a polyethylene film coated with a special nonwoven fabric on both sides. This will improve the bonding with the adhesive. The installation is recommended for all areas, that require sealing.

ISOL- ONE is lightweight, flexible and resistant to decay and ensures density on the entire sealing layer. The assembly time is also significantly reduced, so that the tiles can be laid immediately.
The elements consist of a thermoplastic, double-sided with nonwoven coated elastomer. This provides high elasticity and resistance to aggressive remedies.
The ISOL-ONE protects edges, cracks in the substrate and transitions to installation pipes against moisture, by forming elastic and permanent connections.

• waterproof
• ductile
• fills cracks
• ready-to-use

• for all types of tile systems
• seals edges in most rooms
• elastic & permanent connections

• inside and outside
• walls and floors
• rooms with high moisture
• utilities (moisture load class A01, A02, A1, A2),
• balconies & terraces
• moist-sensitive subsoils
• absorptive mineral undergrounds