PREMIUM SLIM is KL® megla’s series of flush-mounted shower drains, equipped with a sealing flange and particularly suitable for installation in floors with an insulated layer. Minimal hardware exposure with only a 58 mm wide elegant frame and grid made of corrosion-resistant steel are visible. Available in any desirable length.

The drain features the new and patented odor trapping technology SMART TRAP® made of corrosion-resistant steel, as well as the EASY CLEAN system and has a tap capacity of 38 l/min. The complete system is produced in various versions for the individual needs and the taste of the customer.

standard lengths:
50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 cm
building height: 58 mm
cover width: 46 mm
frame width: 58 mm
water flow capacity: 38 l/min
stainless steel grade:
304 / V2A
316* / V4A
set contains:
adjustable legs,
sealing membrane

*on request